COVID-19 protocols

El Aura SA has established strict COVID-19 protocols which satisfy the protocols set forth by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation.

These protocols will be adapted for the 2022/23 season as required by the Government.

Each group hosted in the lodge is sought to have minimal contact with other groups hosted in the lodge and with the staff, which is organized under the same principles and trained.

1. Mandatory use of mask.
2. Mandatory social distancing.
3. Alcohol gel sanitizer in Administration, Cabins, Staff Homes and Common Places.
4. Temperature control upon entry to the hotel. If a passenger has fever (37.5 C or more) it will not be allowed to enter the lodge, nor to its travel group (close contact). In this hypothetical case El Aura SA will refund 90% of the amount deposited at that time or, at the customer's discretion, the reservation will be credited for use during the 2022/23 season or the following 2023/24.
5. Check in and check out virtual. Forms and payments must be made before the check in.
6. Brief questionnaire per passenger for COVID-19 symptoms.
7. Staff protection and training.
8. Cabin and/or domes cleaning will only take place when guests are not in the cabin.
9. Depending on the evolution of the pandemic, El Aura will decide whether or not to open the restaurant's lounge. In any case, the kitchen will be open and meals can be taken away by the guests (Take Away).
10. Documentation of the prevention process, entry temperature, arrival questionnaire, observations for guests, staff and suppliers.
11. Contingency Plan for Suspicious Cases. The protocol established by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation requires that in the event of a suspicious case the staff in charge of the Lodge must:


- Notify the local authority.
- Arrange a room or area where the person with symptoms does not have contact with other people and wait until properly medical evaluation.
- It shall proceed in accordance with the provisions or as indicated by the local health authorities.
- We would like to emphasize that it is unlikely but possible for such local health authorities to determine that the guest with symptoms and their travel group are isolated at the Lodge for 14 days.
- In this unlikely and hypothetical case such a group would remain isolated in the cabin it occupies for that period of time. And the lodge will charge those days during which the group must remain isolated in the cabin in excess of those days of its original reservation, at 100% of the Accommodation and Breakfast price paid at the moment of the reservation, while food and drinks will be charged accordingly to the consumption of the case.


12. Cancellations: The Aura Lodge has made its cancellation policy more flexible in order to give the customer the best options if for any reason the scheduled trip could not be made.

- Reservations cancelled by the guest at least 15 days in advance from the arrival date can be booked for the following season 2023/24 or, if the guest prefers  a  50% refund of the total amount paid at t the moment of cancellation. Any reservation cancelled after that period shall not be refunded whatsoever.
- If the lodge could not be opened as a consequence of an agravation of the pandemic, by decisions of the Government or because restrictions to the movement of Argentines were not normalized so that passengers could not be transferred by car and plane from any point of the country to the National Park, El Aura SA will refund 90% of the amount deposited at the time of cancellation or, at the customer's discretion, the reservation will be credited for use during the 2023/24 season.


Any cancellation must be communicated by e-mail to and confirmed by El Aura