Camping Rates


Season 2022 / 2023

(12/26th a 02/15th)

(12/25th a 02/16th)

Major 12 or older

USD 17,-
USD 13,-

Minors* between 6 and 12 years old and Retirees

USD 9,-
USD 7,-

*Under 5 years old: NO CHARGE.

The rates mentioned above are per person and per night. 

Each plot has a stove with grill, table, table and electric light from 20 to 24 hours.
During the season they work in El Aura a gourmet restaurant and another bistro with quicker and simpler meals and a grocery store (we do not sell meat). Taxes included.
Discounts to residents of the region of the Larches 20% / to ex-combatants of Malvinas 30%

**The Best Price Guaranteed**





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